Most shelters rely on the support of the local community to help them meet the required needs to house, treat and care for those animals that have been abandoned, abused, or both. Many of the shelters are safe havens for those who are slated for euthanasia for no other reason than to make room for animals needing shelter. It’s sad but true. There are animal control centers across the country that would euthanize a dog so that another could take its place.

There is an animal shelter somewhere across this country that is in need of your help. Whether it be through volunteering your time, donations of supplies, or monetary donations. There is a shelter somewhere, perhaps near you, that would benefit greatly from those of you who could volunteer time to help keep our 4-legged friends in clean pens, with safe toys, blankets, collars, and food.

Our efforts are focused on supporting animal shelters across the Central Texas region. All of the shelters that we support have been vetted as being safe havens for our canine friends. All have a real need for volunteers, or just a few items to help maintain the dogs. If you can’t volunteer your time, perhaps you could pick up a toy, blanket, or perhaps a bag of dog food and just donate it to your local shelter. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by all who maintain and operate the individual shelters.

One of a shelter’s largest expenses is in providing veterinary care for every animal that is taken in. And, unfortunately, veterinarians have to be paid for the expert care that they provide our friends. These veterinarian bills oftentimes run into the thousands and are only covered by the kindness and generosity of people like yourself.

Your support of The Central Texas Rescuer’s Club helps toward making sure that pets in shelters get the proper shelter, nutrition, and veterinarian care.